Phone number for 10 days without subscription fee!

To make your decision easier, KOMPaaS offers a subscription-free and obligation-free trial period. You will be able to receive incoming calls immediately. You will need to top up your balance exactly as much as you want only for outgoing calls. It is easy and quick to top up your balance and get your money back at the end of the test period.


  • very low per minute charges
  • from $0.019/min for Hungarian mobile directions, from $0.008/min for Hungarian call directions
  • no connection fee
  • true second-based tariff calculation
  • no peak period
  • telecommunication tax is included in the price
  • low rates for international calls
  • by default, there are two voice channels for each number
  • own assignable number range in several major cities
  • immediate integration with KOMPaaS Virtual Call Center
  • it can be installed also on smartphone

You can personally check the stability of the connection, the good voice quality and the convenient services of MyKOMPaaS account!

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Additional benefits of KOMPaaS:

  • there is no mandatory loyalty period
  • low per minute charges
  • our prices already include the telecommunication tax
  • our billing is really second-based
  • own online intuitive MyKOMPaaS account where all settings and statistics are available 24/7
  • free consultation and adjustment by phone

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