Phone numbers

Toll free numbers

A marketing tool to increase sales and increase customer confidence

Available only in Russia and Hungary

What do you get if you let customers call you at toll free numbers?

Improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
Toll free numbers are convenient for placement in advertising materials and on the website. They are easy to remember and calls to them are free, so the number of requests increases, and the cost of attracting a new client decreases.
Increase in sales
Calls to toll free numbers are free for subscribers who can reach the company from any region of Russia and do not pay for the connection. Payment for outgoing calls is made by the owner of the toll free number. Using Freephone allows you to increase the number of requests to your company and expand the audience of potential customers.
Strengthening the organization's image
It is known that toll free numbers are more expensive than standard ones. This is why the presence of Freephone as a showcase number creates an image of a reliable service provider with a positive business reputation. Such organizations customers have more trust and are more likely to exhibit loyalty and commitment.
Toll free numbers are not linked to a specific region or address. Freephone stays with you if you move to a new office.
A single number for all offices and branches of the company
Freephone can be used as a single phone number for the main office, branches, and regional offices located in different regions of the Russian Federation.
Forwarding to geographic and mobile numbers
Toll free number with forwarding to a mobile number will allow you to receive calls, not only in the office, but also outside it. If you already have a geographic number with the configured call distribution logic, you can set up forwarding from Freephone to it.

How do I buy a toll free number?

Send a request or call your personal Manager
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