database of phone numbers

For operators

NNP is a database of ported numbers and numbers allocated to operators

End-to-end solution for billing developers, telecom operators, and data aggregators.

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Used for

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    Precise routing

    Providing accurate call routing

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    Detailed cost calculation

    Generating detailed calculations of call costs

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    Phone number data

    Providing reliable data about telephone numbers


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    High accuracy

    Automated updates ensure the relevance of data

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    API for integration

    A programming interface with a flexible integration setup

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    Broad reach

    The NNP includes data from more than 240 countries

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    The proprietary algorithms developed for automating the collection processes and information processing results in lower costs

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    Credible sources

    The data is collected from proven sources

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    Attention to detail

    Timely support and an individual approach to each customer

For telecom operators
  • Reduced routing costs
  • Accurate analytics
  • Inter-operator relationships in a transparent and smart way
  • Anti-fraud
For software developers
  • Improved quality of services
  • Detailed data for each country
  • Customer protection against fraud
  • Accurate analytics


  • Snapshot

    Data retrieval with the possibility of unlimited downloading

  • Real time snapshot

    Data retrieval with the possibility of downloading in real time

  • API for integration

    Unlimited access to the NNP database upon request in real time


NNP in action

based on 15 000 calls - 20 times more income produced per month from each number

counting by country code without NNP
counting by NNP database with NNP
–°ost per call

Income from calls
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