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Call Tracking

Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to optimize your marketing budget.

  • - Static or dynamic call tracking at an affordable price
  • - Pure geographic or nomadic tracking numbers
  • - Native integrations with CRM systems
From $3/mo
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What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking from KOMPaaS is a technology that helps determine which marketing channel or campaign attracted a particular phone call to your company.

For example, one prospective customer hears a radio commercial and calls the mentioned phone number. Another client sees a billboard or banner ad and also contacts the company by the phone. If all these people call the same number, it will be difficult for the marketing specialists to understand which channel brings in the most leads.

In order to measure the effectiveness of ad channels, each of them is assigned with a unique tracking number, all of which forward the calls to the company's actual contact number.

Thus, with the help of call tracking, you can compare the call metrics of different channels to scale successful and turn off inefficient campaigns.

Advantages of Call Tracking

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    Reasonable price for small business

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    Call Tracking can be easily integrated

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    "Pure" numbers

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    Single telecom-platform for all solutions

How does Call tracking work?

There are two types of Call tracking: static and dynamic.

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    Static Call Tracking

    Each channel or medium is assigned its own tracking number. All incoming calls are automatically matched to the source of the number — a business card, billboard, landing page, or printed ad.

    In the report all incoming calls can be sorted according to the source type or other specified parameters, for example, UTM tags.

    All calls to tracking numbers are forwarded to your office phone.

    Where it's used: mostly in offline advertising, and occasionally in online advertising, if in-depth analytics is not required.

    Result: you will find out how many clients each ad source or ad channel brought.

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    Dynamic Call Tracking

    Each lead is shown its unique tracking phone number. It happens like this: a script installed on a website or landing page detects certain metrics of the user's visit and substitutes the displayed phone number for one from the tracking number pool.

    In the report all incoming calls can be sorted not only by the source, but also by specific ad banners, region of display, type of device from which the transition to the site was made, and other data.

    All calls to tracking numbers are forwarded to your office phone.

    Where it's used: in online advertising for deep analytics.

    Result: you will get to know which ad source, campaign and or even keyword brought the most clients.

Start using Call Tracking from $3 per month

Why choose Call Tracking from

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    Pure tracking numbers

    You can choose geographic, nomadic or toll-free phone numbers, including fancy ones, that have not received calls over the past 3 months. The number pool stays assigned to one customer for the entire duration of use, and then goes through a cleanup process. This approach guarantees the absence of random calls and, therefore, accuracy of your statistics.

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    Advanced telephony services

    Our phone numbers work through KOMPaaS Virtual PBX system. In your personal account, you can configure its options, including free ones such as Voice Greeting, Voice Menu (IVR), Short Numbers, Monitoring, Call Forwarding, Call Holding, Call Statistics, Voicemail. You can also record conversations and transcribe these recordings for detailed speech analytics.

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    Native Integrations with CRM Systems

    You will have access to CRM systems integrations, the number of which is constantly growing. With integrations, you can instantly register new leads, focus on your call metrics, and conduct comprehensive customer analysis to manage your resources effectively.

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    Affordable price for small businesses

    You don't have to pay a connection fee, only the monthly cost of tracking numbers and the service itself. There's no minimum contract period, so you can benefit from Call Tracking without excessive payments. All incoming calls are free, as well as the majority of Virtual PBX options for up to 3 users!

Select your pure EU phone numbers

Available CRM Integrations

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How to maximize the outcomes of ad strategy?

  1. Monitor the metrics of your ad channels

  2. Identify the less efficient and turn those ads off

  3. Scale the most successful to increase the revenue

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