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Call Tracking

Tracking enables evaluating the effect from internet-advertisement offline and improving the quality of operation in your call-center.

From $3/mo

Advantages of KOMPaaS Call Tracking

Reasonable price for small business
Call Tracking can be easily integrated
"Pure" numbers
Single telecom-platform for all solutions

Call tracking can be easily integrated

Direct integration with the popular CRM systems

Steps of efficiency-evaluation of advertisement

Monitoring efficiency of different sales channels
Identify less effective advertisement channels
Redistributing budget in order to get more revenue

Direct "pure" virtual telephone number is activated by you free of charge

We give you an opportunity to choose a telephone number not only by category: from standard to exclusive, but also called "pure" numbers: those numbers, which did not receive any incoming calls during the last 3 months. You can select the number on the website in accordance with the amount of calls to this number during the last 90 days. "Less than 10", "Less than 100", "More than 100".

Who can be intrested in Call Tracking?

  • - Analyzing activity of departments and the overall company performance
  • - Evaluation of investments
  • - Optimization of business-processes
Marketing and advertisement department
  • - Evaluation and comparison of offline and online advertisements
  • - Enhancing efficiency of advertisement campaigns based on reliable analytics
Customer support service
  • - Evaluate the quality of service and the efficiency of your managers
  • - Monitor the number of calls, not answered by your managers
Call tracking is for 3 $ per month

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