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Automate your customer interactions with the powerful KOMPaaS Virtual PBX. Easily connect with popular CRMs like Bitrix24, Kommo, and Altegio. Save time on routine tasks, improve team efficiency, and never lose business opportunities again.

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Most popular features
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    Call transcription

    Call transcription provides instant audio-to-text translation in over 30 languages. Transcribed files are then accessible via personal accounts, email, or in your chosen CRM. Quickly analyse calls, identify common objections and successful sales strategies and enhance overall sales efficiency.

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    Voice classification calls

    Handle calls more efficiently with Voice Classification Calls. Operators tag conversations with key phrases at the end of a call, which eliminates manual tagging. Activate speech synthesis and recognition and simply speak keywords for instant call log tagging. Simplify customer data management with the automatic import of call tags and important conversation details into your CRM.

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    Virtual fax

    Receive fax as email attachments, without needing to invest in a physical fax machine. Fax messages sent to a phone number are converted to PDF images, accessible in your personal account or forwarded to email.

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    Call recording

    Record and easily analyse internal, external, and mobile subscribers calls within Virtual PBX. Address contentious issues and improve customer interactions.

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    Robot controller

    Guarantee that every phone call, lead, or request is promptly addressed. Leverage the Virtual PBX Robot controller feature to automatically handle missed calls. Customise schedules, call intervals, and maximum attempt numbers with ease. Empower your Sales teams by relieving them of routine tasks and driving increased revenue for your business.

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    Prompter enables an experienced employee to shadow a client call alongside a new hire and provide help when necessary. This aids in the newcomer's onboarding, ensures a smooth dialogue with clients, effective problem-solving, and successful deal closure.

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    Save time and spend 3x less on processing phone calls with the Virtual Assistant feature of Virtual PBX, equipped with Speech recognition and synthesis technologies (TTS/STT). The Assistant speaks your customer's language, answers their questions, and redirects calls if necessary - all of this 24/7, 365 days per year. Speed up the sales process and increase customer satisfaction.

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    Call evaluation

    Call evaluation provides you with immediate, detailed customer feedback on service quality and products. Tailor the operator evaluation scenario according to your needs. Rapidly analyse customer feedback, thanks to automatic audio transcription. Detect and resolve issues as soon as they arise.

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    Combining PBX and PBX/IP PBX

    The function of combining a third-party PBX ( analog, hybrid, and virtual) and KOMPaaS Virtual PBX into a single telecom system with a common numbering plan and short numbers for internal subscribers.

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    Black and white lists

    Tired of calls from persistent sellers of unnecessary services? No time for unsolicited calls from competitors pretending to be potential customers? Easily filter incoming calls, counteract spam, and avoid undesirable conversations with the free Virtual PBX Black and White Lists feature.

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    Call forwarding

    Automatically redirect incoming calls to internal, external, or mobile subscribers based on your employees availability. Set specific time frames for receiving calls on each phone. Boost team's efficiency and always stay in touch with your customers.

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    Call hold

    Temporarily pause an ongoing call to either initiate a new one or respond to an incoming call. Set up a background melody that plays while call is on hold.

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    Call interception

    Call interception enables you to answer incoming calls on behalf of an unavailable employee. When a call reaches the internal number of an absent employee, their colleague can take the call using a designated number combination. This saves customers waiting time and ensures that incoming calls are never missed.

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    Call queue

    Efficiently redirect calls to a suitable manager. Segment calls based on topics, prioritise calls from selected customers, and improve overall customer service.

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    Call statistics

    See and export reports on inbound, outbound, internal, and missed calls from your IVR menu.

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    CallBack enables subscribers to initiate calls as incoming, markedly reducing outgoing communication costs for the company. By presenting outgoing calls as incoming to the billing system, they become free for the subscriber — which is particularly valuable for companies with frequently travelling employees.

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    Invite subscribers to a conference call via extension numbers. Facilitate voice communication for participants from various locations through mobile and fixed-line connections.

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    Cost control

    Execute full control over your outbound communication expenses. Set individual restrictions on outgoing communication, limit daily or monthly paid traffic use or block paid outgoing calls for complete control over telephony costs.

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    Forwarding to manager

    Call forwarding to the manager - a feature where an incoming call is automatically forwarded to the phone of a manager who was last in contact with a potential customer.

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    Number preselection

    Choose an outgoing call number when linking your Virtual PBX to various regions. Each number is associated with a digital prefix for easy identification.

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    Online-monitoring panel

    Track telephone line status and operator workload in real time. Swiftly identify network and user account issues and maintain statistics for internal, external, and mobile numbers.

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    Voice greeting

    Set up customised, automatic voice prompts that greet a calling subscriber and introduce them to your company.

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    Voice menu (IVR)

    Utilise the Voice menu (IVR) function, a system of pre-recorded voice messages that can be integrated into easily customizable scenarios. Set up phone calls sequence for optimal customer experience. Introduce your company even before the call reaches a specific employee. Quickly connect subscribers with the desired department or employee. Reduce your team workload and elevate customer satisfaction.

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    Voicemail records and stores voice messages in a voicemail mailbox integrated into your geographic number's routing scheme. Retrieve messages by dialling a short number or set up email delivery. Ensure 24/7 customer connectivity and minimise missed calls and maximize revenue.

Benefit with integrated solutions

Integrated Virtual PBX and IP PBX

Leverage the full power of your existing PBX system — whether analogue, hybrid, or virtual — by seamlessly merging it with the KOMPaaS PBX under a unified numbering plan.

Connect features such as voice menus, call distribution algorithms, call recording, and analytics, with over 200 advanced Virtual PBX functions. Scale your business with minimal time and financial investment. Streamline customer interactions and boost revenue!

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IVR Plus

Enhance your customer interactions further with the KOMPaaS Voice Assistant. It automatically allocates customer calls, records voicemails for calls outside business hours, and ultimately alleviates your team's workload.

The virtual Voice Assistant operates much like a human: inquiring about how it can assist, attentively listening to customer's issues, and directing them to the appropriate department.

Save on administrative hiring costs and ensure optimal customer interactions with the KOMPaaS Voice Assistant solution.

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Maximise business efficiency with our complementary products
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    Unify all your company's messengers, chats, and social networks within a single, intuitive interface with KOMPaaS Multichat - a website widget that seamlessly integrates the callback and the virtual consultant solutions.

    Manage conversations across all the digital customer touchpoints, improve the quality of customer service, and make data-driven decisions across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support.

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    Save your team's time by automating messenger communication through customizable scenarios

    Effortlessly create dialogue scenarios with bot reactions on a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform.

    Easily integrate these scenarios into your preferred messengers and gather data in your CRMs and third-party systems through APIs.

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    Automated calls

    Streamline your customer communications by initiating transactional or bulk automated calls to a designated contact list at your preferred schedule.

    Establish task completion criteria for your call sequences, gain valuable customer insights, and expedite your customer service with the speech-to-text/text-to-speech feature.

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  • We have been using the KOMPaaS service for several years, and we are completely satisfied with it. We have never experienced any interruptions. The service is flexible and reliable. We highly recommend it even for more complex ideas, since the competent and helpful KOMPaaS team will support you with a successful implementation.

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    Gergely KarcosLead IT & Development
  • Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have received more than 1,000 incoming order calls per month. With the help of the innovative solutions of KOMPaaS, we were able to connect telephone calls to our booking system. Our patients can ask for prescriptions and recommendations 24 hours a day, thus improving and accelerating patient care. We were able to reduce and optimise our phone costs with the KOMPaaS per-minute package.

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    Dr. Erzsébet Mária Takácsallergist, pulmonologist
  • Four years ago, we approached several VOIP providers, tested them, and finally selected KOMPaaS. We haven't regretted that since. Flexible, innovative, fast. We currently provide VOIP services to three countries. We wholeheartedly recommend working with KOMPaaS.

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    Attila ElekesCEO

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