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SIP Trunking

Combine your existing PBX-system with Virtual PBX from KOMPaaS for VoIP calls to any telephone networks.

  • - Manage your SIP trunk capacity
  • - Create your private numbering plan
  • - Enjoy all the benefits of IP-telephony
1 channel $1/mo
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What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking from KOMPaaS is a service for establishing a virtual communication line (trunk) between your company's telephone equipment and our Virtual PBX.

With the help of SIP Trunking you can easily add and remove telephone channels, unite your company's office and mobile phones by assigning short internal numbers to each user, and reduce communication costs due to lower long-distance rates and free calls within your company's phone network.

What is required for SIP Trunking?

  • Stable and Fast Internet Connection

    SIP trunks work best over a dedicated fiber optic line with a minimum speed of 65 kbps, so please consider measuring Internet speed before setup. We also recommend you take the time to configure QoS.

  • SIP-enabled phone system

    If your PBX doesn't support SIP protocol, in most cases VoIP gateway will enable connection to our Virtual PBX. If you have any questions about virtual trunk installation, we are ready to provide you with all necessary technical support.

Why choose KOMPaaS SIP Trunking?

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    Scalable Business Phone System

    You will easily incorporate new office locations into your company's telephone network without purchasing expensive equipment and software or laying telephone cables.

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    Trunk Bandwidth Management

    If call volume increases — during the sales season, for example — you can quickly add voice channels to your SIP trunks and remove them when necessary with just one click to avoid excessive payments.

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    Free Calls within Your Company

    Using trunks, you can unite your company's offices in different cities of the European Union or even world-wide, organizing a private numbering plan with free internal calls.

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    Reliable and Interference-free Connection

    We guarantee excellent call quality due to modern audio codecs and voice protocols, provided the Internet connection speed on your side is at least 64 kbit/s.

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    Expanded PBX Capabilities

    In your account you can easily activate additional Virtual PBX functions for the office telephony that will boost your marketing strategy and customer service. Many free options included!

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How does SIP Trunking work?

It all comes down to connecting the client's various telephone equipment, traditional or digital, to the provider's server that enables VoIP calls to any phone networks.

Digitized voice travels not through copper loops or ISDN cables, but in a virtual environment, so one doesn't need hardwired connections to organize an effective business telephony.

Moreover, packet-switching VoIP telephony, if set up and managed correctly, provides a signal quality comparable to traditional circuit switching technology.

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