Phone numbers for corporate customers

2 phone number types in order to catch the clients

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How to choose telecommunication operator for your business?

The choice often depends on such small things, for example that it should be easily accessible, or that the phone number is easy to remember based on its advertising, or that it can be called free of charge from anywhere in the country.

We connect a business phone number

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    Unified toll-free number service

    You and not your customer pay for calls to these numbers. Therefore, you will be available by phone from any city, and your customer has no problem with the price of the call.

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    Fancy phone number to strengthen the company's

    Your phone number will be easy to remember, they will call you without looking for your website first, avoiding its rating and comparison with competitors.

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Choose a phone number for your company
Our selection includes more than 350,000 telephone numbers, which include the telephone numbers of major cities in Hungary and the telephone numbers of 27 other countries.
Choose a phone number for each city you want to recruit customers from.
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These phone numbers are all connected to a Virtual PBX, they work everywhere there is internet access.
Calls between establishments are free and the cost of talking to customers is cheaper than landline or mobile phone calls.

Important benefits

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Good call quality

Phone conversations without crackling, interruptions and noise, regardless of distance.

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No missed phone calls

Thanks to our multi-channel phone numbers, even hundreds of people can call one phone number, so your business will always be available to your customers.

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Call forwarding to any number

Set up call forwarding to both landlines and mobile numbers so you can be reached anytime, anywhere.

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Complete CRM integration

The data generated from the calls is immediately included into the CRM system. The other way around - when receiving calls, the customer manager sees the card file of information stored about the customer

We recommend our Toll-free number and Fancy number services to the following customer groups

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Larger online stores

For the purpose of coordinating the delivery service.

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For offline advertising purposes.

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Beauty salons

To book an appointment.

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Companies with an extensive network of stores

To reach your colleagues in the country and abroad.

Complex phone number service for large companies
Both of these products increase the customer's trust and commitment to your company and increase sales thanks to customers who easily remember your phone number.
Geographic phone number
$1.49 per month
Multichannel number
From $6.99 per month
Virtual PBX service
$1.99 per extention
Fancy number
From $3
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