Password Call authentication

Authentication services offered by telecom provider:

  • Convenient – no need to remember passwords
  • Safe – no need to store, you cannot lose it
  • Quality – without mediators, high-standard SLA
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Quick and safe authentication

You can choose from 3 methods
Password SMS
Password is delivered to client by SMS
Password Call
The password is told by Voice robot when client makes a telephone call
Flash Call
The password consists of digits (usually the last 4 digits) of the telephone number which called the client

How does it work?

  1. User pushes the entry button of its personal account on the website.
  2. User receives SMS or an incoming telephone call.
    • If you choose...
    • SMS password ➔ The password is coming by SMS
    • Password call ➔ User receives a telephone call and voice robot tells the password
    • Flash call ➔ User is watching the number of the incoming call. The last 4 digits of the telephone number is the actual password
  3. Client types in the temporary password.
Indicator of the delivery - 99,99%.
KOMPaaS, as a service provider guarantees the non-disclosure and safety of users contact data.
Provision and implementation of the solution takes only 1 working day.
Time of delivery for the personal code - 3-5 seconds.

Authentications services are demanded by:

Financial organizations
Safe protection of clients financial data
Online service-providers
Quick confirmation of the client's entry to the personal account
Activation of the bonus and loyalty cards

How much does it cost?

Flash Call
from $0.001 /transaction
Password Call
from $0.0083 /transaction

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