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How does IP telephony differ from other types of communication?

IP telephony is the latest, most widespread, inexpensive and popular type of communication for small, medium and large businesses.


Favorable price
You do not need to pay for telephone cables, purchase expensive equipment, or pay specialists for service of setting up landline communications in the office. To connect IP telephony, you only need internet connection. The cost of local and long-distance communication services using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is several times cheaper than services of analogue fixed communication.
Virtual numbers are not linked to an address. The local number, 8-800, familiar to your clients, stays with you when you move to a new office. If your company is expanding and additional branches are opening, you can use the same number to communicate with customers.
Convenient interface
The virtual number is easily connected to the PBX in personal account, which allows the subscriber to use additional features that make business communications more transparent and easier: flexible configuration, voice menu IVR, effective distribution of calls, online monitoring, full statistics, free integration with CRM, black and white lists, routing by geography and price, Voice Assistant, Robot Controller, FMC (Mobile employees).
A reliable and inexpensive form of communication, in which the speech of the interlocutors is converted into digital signals transmitted over the Internet. We use the uncompressed G.711 codec, so the voice quality is better, or at least not inferior to conventional wired telephony.
Marketing tool
Using a virtual number, you can track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, determine the channels from which the call was received and save on ineffective advertising.
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Why KOMPaaS?

5 countries: Telecom operator in five countries
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By connecting a SIP number, you get:

A multi-channel phone number for processing large volumes of incoming and outgoing calls
The ability to quickly organize the work of remote employees by connecting the call forwarding service to a mobile number
Reliable corporate communication and favorable pricing plans for calls all over the world


Phone numbers
Virtual PBX
Voice Robot for inbound calls
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Multichannel numbers
It allows customers to contact you sooner. And employees don't have to wait either if more people want to make an outgoing call at the same time from $9.99/mo
Fancy numbers
Beautiful phone number - a marketing tool to attract new customers. This number is easy to remember, looks better, and can help strengthen your company's image.

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