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All our products are «cloud based». You don’t have to buy expensive equipment. By switching to telecommuting, you remain a participant in the company's internal network.

Practical interface

The interface with intuitive navigation makes setting up very simple and practical. One or two clicks can load the subscriber base, greeting text, or call forwarding route.

A unique approach

We use the Freemium business model in our customer relations. We provide basic functionality for our subscribers free of charge, while we offer extended software solutions for a fee. KOMPaaS subscribers can always count on a unique approach and 24/7 technical support.

Ready solutions

Remote control of employees

Phone call recording, online monitoring, cost control, complete statistics, etc., all serve to monitor employee work, phone line load, and overall network status in real-time.

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Conference talks

Conference calls are used to bring all participants in the business process into one telephone connection, so that meetings can be joined from anywhere in the world, from both mobile and landline phones. To enter the conference, call the meeting organizer and dial the short ID number of the virtual meeting.

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If you not only want to receive calls, but also make outgoing calls, using a softphone outside the office is very beneficial. This is a free application that mimics your phone on any device, be it a softphone, tablet or PC. By connecting the required number of virtual phone numbers, managers with softphones can contact customers, regardless of their location.

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CRM integration

The most important task of CRM integration is to automate business processes. By integrating the CRM system with a telephone fleet, reliable communication, efficient control and registration of call data can be arranged under one hat, all of which serve to build a quality sales "funnel".

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Calls: $0.02 - $0.13


Calls: $0.02 - $0.13
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