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Boost sales and improve your customer experience with Chatbot enhanced by ChatGPT

Cut costs with our AI-driven chatbot that handles unlimited customer queries simultaneously 24/7. Seamlessly integrate it with messengers and chat widgets on your website for streamlined communication across all customer touchpoints.

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The chatbot talks to your customers based on predefined, customisable scripts in popular messengers or on your website widget. It responds to queries instantly, provides personalised information, and, upon request, connects the customer with a human operator.

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Chatbots are vital for efficient sales and support processes

Bots ensure your customers stay satisfied and loyal - and can buy from you faster, whenever they intend to.

69%of customersprefer to interact with bots for quick feedback

60%of usersleave a website if not answered within 5 seconds

67%of users under 40would rather purchase via bots

82%of companiesconsider chatbots an essential element of their sales processes

Quick to set up, reliable to use

  1. Create AI-powered, tailored chat scenarios

    Customise conversation scenarios with our no-code, drag-and-drop builder for popular business cases. With our newest AI integration, you don't need to think of all possible request topics - AI can address a wide range of questions based on your website or a text file content. Should a customer require additional assistance, they can always seek support through alternative channels such as phone, chat, or email. You can also send us a request for a turnkey solution of any complexity, for any task.

  2. Personalise, integrate, and track

    Collect first-party customer data and track interaction sources. Use API keys to automatically transfer data to CRM and third-party tools, or insert personalised variables directly during the conversation - for an experience that your customers value.

  3. Test the capabilities for free for 14 days

    Start your free 14-days trial today and see the power of the chatbot in action, with up to 3 conversation scenarios.

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Build your first Chatbot in minutes, without a code!

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Transform your support into a sales and marketing powerhouse

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    Speed up inquiry resolution

    90% of companies that use KOMPaaS Chatbots report significantly faster resolution of customer complaints.

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    Accelerate sales

    The chatbot supports your marketing and sales efforts by collecting, qualifying, and segmenting leads across every customer touchpoint, be it on social media, messengers, or website widgets.

    Receive alerts about new leads directly via email or messenger. Nurture your prospects by sharing content tailored to their needs, or inform them about your current offers.

    Process your customer database more efficiently, reduce bounce rates, and sell faster.

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    Relieve customer support

    Chatbots provide assistance 24/7/365, whenever your customers need to reach you. They take over up to 80% of common requests, so that your Customer Support team can focus on more complex issues.

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    Drive cost savings

    Save up to 30% customer support costs with a chatbot compared with a human operator for the same amount of workload.

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    Enhance company image

    74% of consumers who receive responses to their queries on social media develop a more positive perception of a brand. Craft well-configured scripts and add personal touch to foster customer loyalty.

    A convenient, responsive chatbot strengthens your reputation as a customer-oriented company.

Integrated with your favourite messengers

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Elevate growth further with out-of-the-box KOMPaaS solutions

KOMPaaS Chatbot + Virtual PBX

Combined with KOMPaaS virtual PBX, Chatbots are a powerful solution to take your business operations to a new level.

Chatbots streamline your customer interactions by handling initial inquiries, providing answers, and routing calls efficiently. They access databases linked to the Virtual PBX, offering quick and personalised information retrieval, improving the overall efficiency of customer support. Integrated chatbots provide 24/7 support and scale to handle a large volume of queries simultaneously.

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Chatbot for sales acceleration

Integrate a Chatbot that simultaneously responds across all your messengers, swiftly filters requests, operates 24/7, and autonomously closes straightforward deals.

Choose KOMPaaS Chatbot for multi-platform support, user-friendly design, out-of-the-box CRM integrations, and effortless prospect nurturing and customer relation management through newsletters.

Our Chatbot is a low-code solution, which gives Marketing and Sales teams the power to create customised scenarios - no programming skills required.

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Chatbot for email marketing optimisation

Elevate your email marketing with Chatbots for up to 5x increase in open rate and CTR. Benefit from segmented emails, multimedia usage, and rapid newsletter creation.

Ideal for marketing agencies for quick client support, web-shops to boost action conversions, and online education providers to maintain attendee relations and promote courses efficiently.

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Custom Chatbot, tailored to your needs

Ensure efficient and cost-effective support with a custom chatbot. Overcome the challenge of lost requests at night and on weekends. Chatbots work continuously, consolidating messages for quick responses in one dashboard, improving sales efficiency and profit.

Build your first chatbot today with our intuitive, drag-and-drop AI-powered platform, or see how we can build a customised chatbot for you.

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Check out our complementary products for maximum efficiency

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Integrate all your company's messengers, chats, and social networks effortlessly with KOMPaaS Multichat—an intuitive website widget that combines callback and virtual consultant solutions.

Effectively manage conversations across diverse digital customer touchpoints, enhance customer service quality, and enable data-driven decision-making in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support.

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Automated calls

Simplify your customer communications by launching automated calls, whether transactional or in bulk, to a specific contact list on a schedule that suits you.

Define completion criteria for your call sequences, glean insights from customer interactions, and accelerate your customer service with the speech-to-text/text-to-speech functionality.

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Why KOMPaaS Chatbot?

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    7+ years in the telecommunications market

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    Telecom service provider in 5+ EU countries

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    60K+ virtual phone numbers allocated by regulators

See what our customers say

  • We have been using the KOMPaaS service for several years, and we are completely satisfied with it. We have never experienced any interruptions. The service is flexible and reliable. We highly recommend it even for more complex ideas, since the competent and helpful KOMPaaS team will support you with a successful implementation.

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    Gergely KarcosLead IT & Development
  • Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have received more than 1,000 incoming order calls per month. With the help of the innovative solutions of KOMPaaS, we were able to connect telephone calls to our booking system. Our patients can ask for prescriptions and recommendations 24 hours a day, thus improving and accelerating patient care. We were able to reduce and optimise our phone costs with the KOMPaaS per-minute package.

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    Dr. Erzsébet Mária Takácsallergist, pulmonologist
  • Four years ago, we approached several VOIP providers, tested them, and finally selected KOMPaaS. We haven't regretted that since. Flexible, innovative, fast. We currently provide VOIP services to three countries. We wholeheartedly recommend working with KOMPaaS.

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    Attila ElekesCEO

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