A new way to authenticate a user by "Confirmation Call"

Telecom operator, and software developer KOMPaaS announces the launch of a new service "Confirmation Call", which is widely demanded among companies in the e-commerce segment.

The fundamental difference between this service and existing authentication methods is the ability to authorize the client using additional verification (2FA), during which the user does not have to remember and enter any code. When answering a call, the client listens to a voice file. It tells which number on the phone keypad to press to complete identification.

"Confirmation Call" simplifies the authentication process while maintaining high data privacy. The service is becoming a more reliable and convenient alternative to Flash Call and Password Call services. In the first case, the client is forced to remember and enter a password, which is usually the last four digits of the incoming call number. In the second option, the voice robot reports the password that the client uses for identification.

The payment for the "Confirmation Call" service includes only the cost of calling the API identification program method - from $0,0083 for each call.

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