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A fancy phone number is a marketing tool to attract customers. This number is easy to remember and looks more attractive, which helps to strengthen the image of your company.

Gold $30.00/number

The cost of a one-time activation of a fancy number

How is a fancy phone number more convenient than a standard number?

Easy to remember and will attract attention
A fancy phone number will stand out among the standard phone numbers of your competitors. The simpler the combination of digits, the higher the chance of getting a call from the client and completing the transaction. KOMPaaS offers a huge selection of fancy phone numbers in all major cities of Russia and a convenient service for selecting them directly on the site.
Strengthening the company's image
The quantity of exclusive phone numbers on average does not exceed 3% of the total number capacity. These numbers are unique and a gold or platinum number, is a long-term investment. A fancy city phone number demonstrates the status and stability of your business. If you use a fancy number, consumer's trust will be enhanced.
A fancy city number is not linked to a specific region or address, because it is virtual. If you move to a new office, the number is retained, which means you stay in touch with your clients.
Single number
If new representative offices or branches are opened, it is convenient to use a fancy city number as a single contact number for the company. However, communication between employees will be free of charge, even if they are located in different cities and countries.

How do I buy a fancy city phone number?

Select a number
Go to the shopping cart
Complete and submit the application form
A personal manager will contact you and clarify all the details
You can also contact us by phone on
+1 929 999 4176
For your convenience, all phone numbers are divided into categories. You can choose several numbers from the category you are interested in. For example, "Silver" or "Gold". To simplify the search, use the number matching service that allows you to set the desired combination of digits
Do you want to choose a beautiful phone number so that customers and suppliers can contact you faster?
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6 reasons to choose fancy KOMPaaS numbers

5 countries
A telecom operator in five countries
50+ cities
local network coverage
50 000+ phone numbers
private number capacity
The cost of connecting a fancy phone number from
The ability to select numbers with the same combination of the last digits
in different cities and 29 European countries
Connecting a fancy local number
in 15 minutes

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Personal manager

  • You can always expect an individual approach
  • Helps you choose telephony services best suited for your business needs
  • Will help to reduce communication costs without a reduction of quality
  • Will help you configure the Virtual PBX functions


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