KOMPaaS offers a solution to combine a hardware PBX with a virtual one

Telecom operator, software developer KOMPaaS announces the launch of a new service. From now users will be able to combine the KOMPaaS Virtual PBX and any third-party PBX (analogue, hybrid or virtual) into a single PBX with a single numbering plan with the ability to interconnect them using internal subscriber numbers.

The solution allows you to expand the functionality of the current office PBX. You can connect a voice menu (IVR), call forwarding, forwarding to the manager, call recording and their thorough analytics, cost control - in total, more than 200 functions that help call center, sales and customer service specialists.

The combination of virtual PBX and PBX can be an economical solution for large companies with several branches. If you plan to open a branch or several branches, it is not necessary to purchase expensive telecom equipment for it. It is enough to connect the new office to the Virtual PBX, which will allow you to receive and make calls using both types of PBX.

"The key advantages of the new additional Virtual PBX service is the ability to save on equipment while scaling your business and expand the functionality of your existing PBX without significant costs. The solution helps managers combine a third-party PBX with KOMPaaS Virtual PBX into a single telecom system with a single numbering plan and short numbers for internal subscribers, which helps managers who make an outgoing call to choose any number from the pool connected to the PBX," commented the CEO of the company KOMPaaS Kft Alexander Melnikov.

The cost of the service is $19,99 per month.

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