MCNtelecom has carried out rebranding

MCNtelecom announces the completion of rebranding, which includes changing the brand name, visual identity, logo, domains of the company's websites. The new brand name is KOMPaaS.

KOMPaaS is a telecommunications platform as a service (CPaaS) that helps businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large-scale companies, find the best tools to improve, simplify, and make more efficient the way they interact with their customers. The company offers a full range of software products and services: Virtual PBX, Geographical and Nomadic numbers and telephony, Automated calls, Chatbots, Call Tracking, Authentication (Flash Call), API, etc. The company strives to effectively solve customer problems while maintaining maximum flexibility, openness and customer approach.

"Over 7 years of operation, the company has changed and grown, the set of competencies has expanded. As a result, the list of software solutions that we offer today on one telecommunications platform within the framework of "single contract" has significantly increased. Our business is based on such principles and values as reliability, efficiency, innovativeness, expertise, flexibility, personal approach, which are reflected in the approaches to the development of software products and in interaction with customers. Implemented projects have become more complex, customer experience has become more positive. Today we can say that our telecom platform has become a real compass in the world of telecommunications," - explains Alexander Melnikov, CEO of MCNtelecom Kft (KOMPaaS brand).

Learn more about the technological solutions of the telecom platform by visiting the official websites of the company:

About company:

KOMPaaS is a telecommunications platform that allows B2B customers to connect telephony software products and services in real time: Virtual PBX with more than 200 useful functions, Geographic and Nomadic numbers, Chatbots, Automated calls, Chatphone, Authentication (Flash Call) and other necessary services to automate the processes of interaction with customers. We are a registered telecom operator in four European countries: Austria, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia. The regulator has given us a numbering capacity of more than 50K fixed numbers, which we can connect using SIP Trunk.

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